Interactive Shopping

Interactive Shopping Project
IED Roma, Italy

Innovative and interactive shopping experience within the context of  APPIA NEW the longest en plein air shopping mall in Europe” promoted by the IX Discrict of Rome. Project for IED Istituto Europeo di Design Roma


Phase 3. Scenarios

Download the pdf (about 3,5 Mb)

Phase 2. Concepts

Downoad the pdf (about 6,5 Mb)

Phase 3. Atlas

Downoad the  Pdf (about 4,5 Mb)


Coordinator and designer:

Daniele Mancini (Exhibition Design Lab)

Daniel Bedusa – Digital & virtual design
Angelo Simone Crociani – Digital & virtual design
Alessandro Alpago – Digital & virtual design
Martina Biffa – Video design
Sabrina Fasano – Video design
Andrea Dell’Anna – Graphic design
Oriana Distefano – Graphic design
Carlo Bindi – Interior design
Alessandra Filippone – Interior design

Phase 1, with the help of :

Francesco D’Urso
Simone Bertini
Andrea Incardona
Valentina Pirone
Roberta Riccio
Claudia Cedro
Guendalina Porta

Phase 3, with the help of :

Andrea Incardona

Technological and economical feasability :

Daniele Mancini with the help of Giorgio Olivero  (ToDo)

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