Sensitive Object


Sensitive Object
by Charles Mariambourg, Sylvain Bourreau, Leslie de Gasquet

Final project for the Exhibition Design Studio 08 (Daniele Mancini)
First School of Architecture, Roma “La Sapienza”

The aim of the class was to awaken a private space of urbanity. Nothing happens, nothing exists under this highway. We decided to design a minimum project for maximum effect. Narrative architecture… The project is presented like a story; a crazy fable displaying the distress of a Brideg ripped from its country to serve man and his projects. It awakens, reacts to its environment and tries to communicate. The different technological systems applied to bring this Bridge to life are light and accasional. The empty space thus becomes an event in the city. People stop, exchange, bring life back to the site. Using this child’s fable, the aim is to reconsider the town’s gap spaces. Do we have to build to create urbanity? Through this project, we try to answer this question: the event in the city can emerge everywhere, especially where it is not expected..


This project has been featured on the School of Architecture of Versailles Yearbook 2008/2009

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