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Interactive Museum of Photography
Mestre (Venice), Italy

Exhibition Design for an Interactive Museum of Photography at Candiani Cultural Center in Mestre, Venice. The Archive Modules allow visitors  browsing and zooming photos with bare hands. The photo archive is visualized as a large grid of square thumbnails, that can be moved and zoomed seamlessly to full screen. Also a content specific audioscape is provided. The system is conceived as a content based framework.


Project: Daniele Mancini, Francesca Sassaroli (Cliostraat) with Stefano Mirti, Barbara Ghella, Line Ulrika Christiansen, Manuela Serra
Web design and graphic: Franz Goria, Noemi Giangregorio
Audioscapes: Raphael Monzini
Photography: Ivan Gasparini
Electronics and software: Alessandro Valli (Natural Interface)

project developed for Interaction Design Institute Ivrea

Final Presentation gallery

Preliminary Skecthes gallery

Real Scale Prototype

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