Green Village 2.0

The installations presented are prototypes for the Natural Shopping Center APPIA NEW. The theme investigated is about the relationship between human kind and the nature into the contemporary mediated metropolis: The Green Village. Unexpected reactions into the virtual dimension are triggered by some behaviours into the real.

1. The Urban Gardener 2.0. Digital vegetation for interactive gardeners.
2. From the Bud to Flower. Flower homage from a virtual flaneur
3. Floating Reeds.
4. Colors

/////// Link to the Project Site

/////// Credits
Project by: Daniele Mancini
Art direction: Daniele Mancini
Interaction Design and Technology: Franz Rosati with Guido Maciocci
Digital Design: Sergio Alberini
Video Design: Virgilio Matteo Giunta
////// Studens involved:
Antonio Labbro Francia, Emanuele Macri (Digital&Virtual Design)
Sabrina Fasano, Martina Biffa (Video Design)
Rocco Cavalera, Marco Testa, Damiano Cesarini (Sound Design)
////// Thanks to:
Francesca Castenetto e Valeria Nardoni (Communication)
Pino Maccaroni (Logistic)
Riccardo Tretene (Technology Direction)
Valerio Spinelli (IED Graphic Designer)
Alessia Tuveri (Visual Art Dept.)
//// IED School of Design, Director Laura Negrini


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