My Journey to School


There are many different ways of telling my journey to school: I can trace my route on a map, I can write what I see along the way, I can get some pictures… what happen when the simultaneous cartographic description meets more narrative and discreete contents?

Project by: Daniele Mancini and the students of Visual Communication and Media in Space Class ‘08 (First School of Architecture in Rome)

Link to the gallery

Link to Stella Passerini map
Link to Dimitry Liakatas map
Link to Giacomo Bevanati map
Link to Margherita Cardoso map

Here some images from the Visual Communication and Media in Space Class 2007-2008 end of the year show at Rialto Santambrogio where the workshop became and installation

My_Journey__to_school_3 My_Journey__to_school_2 My_Journey__to_school_1

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